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GO brandalytical.

Unlock your brands potential, grow your business and brands performance with brandalytical. 


How can brandalytical help me?


Brandalytical provides you with the following tools to support you in unlocking your brand and marketing strategy's potential.   


  • my personal success stories and learnings

  • formulas and checklists to go brandalytical on your brand 

  • interviews with mastermind marketeers and brilliant entrepreneurs globally, sharing their success stories, key insights and how they are brandalytical too.

  • mini case studies of how fortune 500 brands went brandalytical and became successful 


Is brandalytical for me? 


Brandalytical is for you whether you are:

  • just in the process of developing a brand or have an established brand

  • building a start-up or (working in) a large a corporate

  • your brand is B2C or B2B

  • producing a product or you are your brand 

Bottom line: if you have a brand you will find something useful here at, why? because the tools and stories I share with you at are relevant for everyone with a brand or marketing strategy. 


Brandalytical is especially useful for you if you can say yes to one of the following: 

  • you are just developing your brand/launch strategy and need some good advice

  • you have an established brand that you want to take to the next level

  • your brand is not performing in the market place

  • you want to reinvent or rejuvenate your brand 

  • you want to broaden your horizon as a marketeer and brand-enthusiast ​


I'm Nadia Boersch. Global Marketeer, Mentor, and Speaker. I have been working for some of the most well known FMCG brands of the world: Nestlé Purina, Philip Morris, and Uber.

My mission is to share my knowledge and success stories to unlock your brands and marketing strategy potential. 

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Lets go brandalytical! 



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