"Treat your brand like the hottest love affair you ever had and the customers will fall in love

and throw money at you."



GO brandalytical.

OUR Expertise: Your Brand and Marketing STRATEGY redefined  

We are not an Agency. 

Brandalytical provides you with the following tools to support you in boosting your brand and marketing strategy's potential: 

  • success stories and learnings of the fortune 500 brands 

  • formulas and checklists to go brandalytical on your brand 

  • interviews with mastermind marketeers and brilliant entrepreneurs globally. 


Brandalytical is useful for you if you can say yes to one of the following: 

  • you are just developing your brand/launch strategy and need some good advice

  • you have an established brand that you want to take to the next level

  • your brand is not performing in the market place

  • you want to reinvent or rejuvenate your brand 

  • you want to broaden your horizon as a marketeer and brand-enthusiast ​

"Treat your brand like the hottest love affair you ever had and the customers will fall in love and throw money at you."

Nadia Boersch 





ABOUT Brandalytical.

Nadia Boersch is the brand strategist that brings passion into branding and marketing. She speaks globally about her brandalytical formula, inspiring thousands of businesses to manage their brand strategically and to treat their brand like the hottest love affair they ever had.  

Nadia has held leading positions at some of the top global brands such as Nestlé Purina, Philip Morris, and most recently Uber.

Nadia has made it her mission to share her success recipes to everyone that has a brand. Using the brandalytical framework and formula she is consulting businesses globally to manage their brand in order to boost sales. 




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Go brandalytical. 

Nadia Boersch with Randi Zuckerberg, Mastermind behind Marketing of Facebook and CEO of Zuckerberg Media. 


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