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Nadia Boersch is the brand strategist that brings passion and sex appeal into branding and marketing. She speaks globally about her brandalytical formula, inspiring thousands of businesses to manage their brand strategically and to treat their brand like the hottest love affair they ever had. 

Nadia held key leading positions in some of the most successful global brand companies: the most hyped start-up Uber, the most successful tobacco company Philip Morris (Marlboro), and the largest health & wellness company Nestlé.  Nadia has launched and re-launched more than 15 brands, all of which achieved above market share growth within record time. Her most successful brand strategies were implemented globally, for which she was honored with several high profile awards. She considers her passion for “her” brands – and infusing passion within the entire organisation - as one of the main success factors for achieving outstanding brand-results.

"Manage your brand strategically, and treat it like the hottest love affair you ever had for ultimate success."

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If it works for the Fortune 500, it will work for you. 

The brandalytical formula has been tested over and over again, for different industries, different countries, different products in different environments. That is why it will work for your brand and marketing strategies too, no matter which industry, no matter which country, no matter which level. 

The vision of brandalytical is... 

to inspire businesses globally to manage their brand strategically and to treat their brand like the hottest love affair they ever had to achieve ultimate success. 

The mission and passion of brandalytical is...

 to share the success recipes of the big global branding companies to everyone that has a brand. Using the brandalytical framework and formula she is consulting businesses globally to manage their brand in order to boost their sales. 


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